The Jj model is inspired by me Two kids

The guitar has a Classic look with its nice comfortable curves it is  a well balanced guitar body
This guitar is available all kind of pickup configurations lets us know what you want and we will build it for you.

Again we could not help our self to put one of our  innovation's on our guitar body

Over the many years of guitar repair i have come across many broken input jacks were the timber has hat caused  major damage to the guitar body

so we came up with this the Guitar lead is hidden behind the body and out of the way to cause any damaged to the guitar and you can even leave the
Lead in the guitar and let it  stand up

The guitar has a 8 mm carved top a
the back of the guitar has a belly contoured cut out for more comfort

At the neck joint we made a nice low contour for a better reach to the higher notes

The Jj model has one strap lock at the back of the guitar and not on the horn
we do this because this way the straps is more comfortable  around your neck

Price In Au$ 2500 bolt on  Classic neck contour

Price In Au$ 2500 To easy neck

Price in Au$ 2800 for LDT neck joint with the Classic or the To easy neck


The model showed on top

Is our Rain bow finished top

This guitar comes with a 24 Fret (zero fret ) to easy neck and a Ldt neck joint

Dimarzio Humbucker pickups wired in series - parallel push pull vol and ton pots

3 Way switch

Trem King tremolo OR Floyed rose