The To easy neck

is a other innovation that we are proud of to present

We came up with this neck design and contour out of frustration of our love for the long sustain a bulky neck gives

more mass off timber  in  the neck means more tone and sustain that is why the old 1950 necks are so popular

But for the modern guitar players these kind of Necks are not what they are looking for the skinny necks give more speed and control for all the shredders

and for that you have to make a compromise lose some of the tone and sustain for play ability  .

We came up with the Idea of having a flat surfaces on the back of the Neck that follows your hand position all around the neck

starting at the Nut close to the lower E string turning up towards the 17/18 fret this is were the neck joints with the body To the Low E string


_REMCO_M_006516Dec 14 2015small SIZE

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.49.21 AM









With 1 fret 43 mm
24 Fret 57.92 mm


1 fret 21 mm
12 fret 22 mm
16 fret 23 mm

All our necks come with a Zero fret  for lower and more accurate string highed
unless it is a looking nut Guitar .