Headless guitar

We have been working hard on our Headless guitar models and there we will be more models coming soon
Our Maine goal is to make a ergonomic guitar that feels great in your hand is light and well balanced

We always keep you the player in our mind when we make a new design

Our Single string tuning bridge that we have designed and are made for us especial are a true piece of grantsmanship
Made out of sold bell brass for sweat tone and sustain

I can talk about my guitars all day but let the guitar speak for it self and take a look at the videos and hear them in action

We will have two different lines for our headless guitars

Bandera witch is our Multiscale line of guitars in 6 7 or 8 string
Logan This is our 25.5 inch 647.7 mm scale lenght for 6 string
27.5 inch 698.5 mm scale lenght for 7 string



The Bandera
line is our Multi scale guitars in 6 7 and 8 string models


The Logan

is our normal straight frets guitar line witch come in 6 and 7 string models