By Mayer Design


All these designs of new guitar product are all designed and though out by me Remco mayer

this is a accumulation of many years in the guitar business as a Luthier and repair center

in the last 20 years i have worked on many guitars as a new build or for repair .

and during this time i have made many notes of parts and tools that make the guitar work .

And now i want to share these ideas with you.

All our parts are made by  Nick Zhu from Tengda international.

under his supervision we can guarantee the best Quality made out of the best raw material

most of these Designs  are already on the market

under our retail name Apollo music parts or under a other company name or joint venture

we have a close working relation with Frank Falbo from Falbo guitars

Frank is a master luthier and inventor  .

If your a small builder and want your own custom hardware why not talk to us we can help you in designing and manufacturing the parts for you

all other Oem work is welcome

Single tune bridge for headless guitar

after some testing we started production of these parts in 2016 and over time made some improvements



Tremolo for headless guitar and multi scale

Replacement for the FR tremolo

we worked close with Frank Falbo to design this new style Tremolo

that can be used for traditional guitars multi scale and for headless guitars

B and G string Bender for telecaster style guitars