LDT model

_REMCO_M_006516Dec 14 2015small SIZELTD stance for Long Deep tenon

This our Flagship guitar were we have put as much New and Innovative ideas in as we could think of at off this time

The Long deep tenon what is it

I always have hat a love hate relation with set neck and neck true guitars
i believe that these kind of guitars have a special tone and sustain that bold on guitars do not have there are many opinions about this but this is what I believe in
The thing that i never liked about them was the faxed that you could never change the neck if you wanted something different 
Like other Timber or a radius .
Or what if you broke the neck  it would cost you an Arm and an Leg to get it repaired if at all.

So we came up with the idea to combine the Two together a long deep tenon bolt on neck

The neck heal is made longer and reaches to the bridge of the guitar it slides in under the pickups all the way to the end.
this way the tone that has been created in the Neck has more mass and contact with the body and gives of more of its rich tone's and sustain

we over this on both of our models the Kp guitar and the JJ guitar