Body: Walnut with an 8mm Flamed maple cap
Pickup: Floyed rose By Gotho Ge 1996t
Bridge: Humbucker Pickup
Neck: Hot rail pickup

Switch: 3 way toggle switch
One volume push pull pot for series-parallel switching
One Tone push pull pot for series-parallel switching

Neck: Rock Maple

Wilkinson tuners
Compound radius Rock Maple fingerboard 10" to 16"
24 Stainless steel frets
Classic back contour

1 Fret W 43mm D 21 mm
12 Fret W 53.93 mm D 23 mm16 Fret W 57.83 mm D 24 mm

Dual truss rod

Price In Au$ 2500 bolt on Classic neck contour

Price In Au$ 2500 To easy neck

Price in Au$ 2800 for LDT neck joint with the Classic or the To easy neck

KP Model I


For over 8 years I have been working with Kris Petersen as his guitar technician.

He has told me many times his love for his first guitar,  a Telly.

One day he would like to have a guitar build just like that,
with a Floyd Rose bridge,
24 Frets One Bridge hum bucker  and
a Hot rail on the neck position.

This guitar became our Kp model

"Having worked with Remco for years, he knows what I look for in a guitar.
We briefly spoke for about 5 minutes in what my dream axe would be.
Woods, Neck radius, frets, bridge, body shape etc.
Next thing I knew I had a bunch of pics from him and suddenly my dream guitar on my door step.
Unexpected and fast! It had only been about 3 weeks since our conversation about it.

Playing the first lick I knew I had finally found home."

Kris petersen