Headless guitar

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For those that have been following this side know that i have been  working hard on a headless guitars .

over the last few months i have been making designs for parts for the single string bridge and the body and neck for the guitar

so fare i have come up with these designs



The single  tuning bridge is made out of 5 different components

the Blue base plate is to be mounted on to the guitar body with two screws the Yellow part

is the bridge it self and can be slide for intonation the red part holds the string ball end

and the black part is the tuning wheel I have took a lot of inspiration from

other company's to come up with my designs Atlansia , Ole Strandberg ,Rick Toone

and many more .

With my partner Nick Zhu from Tengda international

I have been able to get these parts made the first run is made out of Bell brass and soon we will have

them made out of Titanium .


The body  and Neck

design has been a project that i have been working on for many years

and has all the ingredients of a great design when i stated this project all i want is a low weight

guitar that sounds great has lots of Tone and Sustain and has a great feel of ergonomics

this thinking of this super guitar started already in 2001 when i worked in Amsterdam with master builder

Danny Marcovish we would talk and dream out loud our ideas and we would draw them down on paper.

sometimes they were so bizarre and fare reached that we could not see how you could do that building a guitar by hand.

Times has changed and i got deep in to Cad drawing and making designs on the computer and using a Cnc machine to help me build my guitars

With these tools i am finally able to get these bizarre and fare reached ideas into reality .

This has been a project of many years and i think that i have nailed it down in to this guitar




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