Multi scale or fanned fret guitars

what is this fuze all about and is it something new and exciting

the multi scale guitar has been around since the early Renaissance time 1620

on instruments like the Orpharion and the Bandora both are Lute like instruments

with 6 or 7 strings

There is a lot of information on the net and I am not going to re write all if it

but in a nut shell.

we all know that heavier gauge strings produce lower notes and improve intonation and tonality

many musicians are looking for better ways to find more creativity on there instruments

increasing the scale length 24.75/25/25.5/27/enz

each of them will give a different feel and tone to the instrument

adding more strings to there guitars 6/7/8/and even 9 string guitars

with all of this there is a big pallet of tone and possibilities to look into

Just making a longer scale length and ad more string to a instrument will not get you

the desired effect with the longer scale length you will run in to intonation problems with

the treble side strings as they are thinner

with the longer scale length of guitars the heavier the strings are the better the tone is

so if you can make a combination of all of this it does make sense

to combine different scale lengths for guitars a longer scale for the bass side of the guitar and a shorter

for the treble side.

Many combinations are possible her but the most commen are

25.5” - 25” 6 string 0 fret neutral point

25.75” - 25” 7 string 5 fret neutral point

26.25”- 25.5” 7 string 9 fret neutral point

28” - 26.5 “ 8 string 7 fret neutral point

The scale lengths and the neutral point need to be chosen not just for tone, but also for ergonomics and playability

and that is the reason why we use these scale lengths and neutral point on our guitars

that said we can make a custom scale length to what ever you want as long as it works for you

a neutral point is the place on the fret board from were the frets will start to fann out

we have chosen these specific positions for the ergonomics and playablity

if you would prevere a other starting point we are happy to help you with that